Fueled by Faith + Covered in Glitter

I am passionate about Jesus and I am “all in” regarding how God wants to use me to build His Kingdom.

I decided to participate in the popular Word of the Year initiative. My word is “hineni” which is the Hebrew word for “Here am I! Send me!” Whatever He wants me to do, I want to do it. Two dreams that God has placed on my heart are speaking + writing as a means of sharing all He has done, is doing, and will do in my life.

While “hineni” is my Word of the Year, “fearless” is the Word of my Life. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and when I come face to face with God, have Him tell me that there were so many ways that He wanted to use me, but I was too afraid.

[Glitter + Braids] : No matter where she goes, He is with her.

By Kaitlynn Heinl

Do you feel like yelling about it on the internet? We’re here to help. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet features dramatic readings of one-star reviews written by people who just need to have their voice heard.

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Words Matter

[Glitter + Braids] S1//E6 : Joy in the Journey.

Finding Joy in the Journey. Ten years ago, I was halfway through my freshman year of college. I never fit in with my family or with my peers, so I looked at college as an opportunity to write a new story. I would go by Kate, stay out late, and live in a different state. […]


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